Changelog #1 (1/9/17)

Hey there! Welcome to the first changelog!

Here’s a quick rundown of how changelogs from here on out will be structured:

Added: A new feature!

Fixed: A bug that is no more.

Changed: We took something already in the game and edited it.

Removed: Code that has been expunged from the repository.

Misc: Anything that doesn’t fit into the above categories.

If this structure changes, we’ll let you guys know in the next changelog. Alright, here goes nothing!


  • Text to speech. Anything typed using the “Say” command will be dictated by the text to speech engine.
  • Alternative voices for text to speech. There is now 100 separate rate of speaking options, along with 9 distinct “voices”: 4 male and 5 female.
  • Global administrative toggle for text to speech.
  • Preferential toggle for text to speech.
  • New Splash Screen.


  • Text to speech not functioning over headset radio.
  • Preset emotes being dictated and read by text to speech.
  • Ghosts and dead bodies having their speech dictated by text to speech.
  • Text to speech messages being heard over radio even when the radio is off.
  • Player save files not saving between server restarts.
  • Hub splash screen displaying incorrectly.


  • “Rules” verb no longer displays an in-game window. Instead, it requests to open your web browser.
  • Organ regeneration rate has been decreased.
  • Bomb cap has been increased. Explosions have been switched to recursive mode.
  • Name of game window set to “New Eden Station”.
  • Host name set.
  • Config URL’s set.
  • Gateway delay decreased.
  • Assistants granted maintenance access.
  • Message of the day updated.
  • ZAS settings changed to “Hellish”, Plasma settings changed to “Oh shit!”


  • Deathgasp when you die. Yes, the iconic message no longer appears.
  • Old splash screens.
  • “Changelog” verb, as the changelogs will be posted here.


  • Various minor bugfixes.

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