Hey there! Welcome to the New Eden Station Development Blog!

Here, we’ll be posting regular updates about our development progress. Initially it’ll just be me, Derek, but hopefully some of the other developers will stop by to write a piece or two now and again!

The largest source of content will come from changelogs. These are standardized lists that will enumerate the changes between each released server version. Released means currently public; we won’t be posting changelogs that contain features still in the development phase. That means you can read all of these changelogs and get a perfect sense of exactly what changes you can find by playing the game.

You’ll also see posts labeled as feature previews. These posts will generally aim to go into detail about a specific feature that we’re working on. Our goal here is to excite you with what’s to come! As a rule of thumb, however, just because something is listed in a feature preview doesn’t mean it’s going to come out in the next update. Sometimes you just gotta wait a little bit!

Other types of content will be more sporadic, but we occasionally like to shake things up; you might see a discussion about programming in general, a review of a technology article, or maybe even a prompt for users to comment and respond to some of our plans! After all, feedback is the most constructive way to push out excellent updates.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your stay at New Eden!

Not your average Spaceman diary…